Toukon Martial Arts

Hi team, 


Hope you are all ready for Christmas and looking forward to celebrating your successes in 2022. 


It has been an amazing year for Toukon… our first real full year since lockdowns came along and challenged us in ways we had never experienced. 

We want to thank you all for your continued support and commitment to becoming outstanding martial artists. It is your/your child’s development that drives us to make Toukon the best martial arts academy around. 


Please look out on our social channel for some 2022 highlights. 


We have already begun the process of reviewing all our practices and identifying areas that can be improved moving into 2023…. and believe me when I say absolutely everything is under scrutiny as we strive to take Toukon to levels our area has not seen in Martial Arts. 

2023 is going to be massive. 


For now, we are closing our timetable with the final sessions of the year on Friday the 23rd of December. We had penciled in plans to continue sessions in the period between Christmas and new year. However, part of providing a good service is listening to our members and it was pretty clear that these classes would not be well attended. 


The team will be having meetings, setting our goals, and making plans for the year ahead but for our members please enjoy the rest and be ready to get straight back at it from Tuesday the 3rd of January. 


That said… we do like bonus session to get rid of all that festive excess… therefore on Wednesday the 28th of December from 10am we will be holding a family pads, bags and fitness class with some fun and games thrown in. For those wanting to do their own thing there will be an open mat session on the same day from 11am. 


Thanks again everyone… myself and the team her at Toukon hope you have an amazing Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2023. 


Best wishes, 

Coach Kev