Toukon Martial Arts

Coming to your first lesson...

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing (eg. shorts/leggings & t-shirt).

What should I bring?

All you will need is a drink.

Where can I park?

We have a carpark at the entrance to the building.  

Do I need to have any experience?

No, all our classes are tailored for beginners.

Can my family members join in?


We have programmes from 4-7 years to adults as well as parent and child sessions. We also encourage practice at home and post regular online tutorial’s and training days to assist with this.

When can i grade?

Our grading requirements have minimum attendance criteria dependant on grade, and you are regularly assessed for skills required per grading.


At the end of every school half term we will be doing a badge/belt reward week, we see this is a better system than as a “as and when” basis.

Kids 8yrs + / Adults

Students are assessed on our core syllabus 2 -3 times a year, after meeting the criteria;

  • Minimum sessions trained (Varies by grade)
  • Course attendance
  • After showing competency at techniques relevant to the grade being taken

How long will it take to get my black belt?

This will depend how often you train.

Members over 7 years old can take approximately 5 years if training twice per week although you are expected to train more in preparation for black belt.

There are a lot of factors involved in this. In theory you could reach black belt within 4/5 years (from age 7). It’s worth noting there is a difference between Junior black belt for under 16’s and full black belt due to some of the content in the assessments. A student will only be invited to grade to black if they show an exemplary attitude and level of commitment.
At Toukon we firmly believe that time is a good teacher so please do not feel that you/your child should try and race through the belt system. Gradings are an excellent way to track progress but we are much more focused on creating intrinsically motivated martial artists that aim for self improvement over rewards such as belts and trophies.

Can I Compete?


All members are welcome to represent our academy at local or national competitions or events that we regularly attend. However, this requires increased level of commitment for a sustained period of time.

How OFten do i need to train?

This very much depends on how much progress you wish to make and in what time frame.

We recommend our members 7yrs and over train a minimum of two times per week.

Our competitors and advanced students train up to 5 days per week.

What equipment do i need?

Samurais – 4/7yrs

  • Uniform
  • Mitts (Karate)
  • 4/6oz gloves (Kickboxing)
Kids – 7/10yrs
  • 10oz Gloves (Kickboxing)
  • Kickboxing Shin pads
Cotton shin & Instep – White Belts
Shin & Boot Red belt and above

  • Mits (Karate)
  • Karate Shin pad

Kids – 10yrs+

  •  Full shin + Foot protector
  • Gum Shield
At a certain age or stage of development children will be required to wear 14oz adults sparring gloves.

In addition to the above, competitors will require their own:

  • Head Guard
  • Groin Guard
All equipment is available in-store or on our online shop.

What is a grading?

Why do we do them❓
Gradings are a great way to keep track of our progress. Each belt increases in difficulty providing a gradual progression all the way to black belt.
When will I be ready❓
Everyone should have a grading card that outlines some of the basic skills that will be assessed at that level. Lower grades up to green belt have a stamp system that you must complete before your next grading. There is also a minimum amount of session’s that must be attended between grades.
How do I find out if I have passed❓
The grading panel will go over results and award belts in your next class. This system allows us to look at scores and also enables us to inform those who have not passed individually. Some feedback on technical pointers will be given after grading.
What happens if I fail❓
The only reason someone should fail is if there is very little effort made on the day, or if bad attitude is shown on the day. We have a deferred pass system where a student may be awarded a half belt (white with colour stripe) in the event that they fall slightly below the passmark or can’t get one part of their grading right on the day. Such as forgetting Kata. In the event of a deferred pass students will be assessed on the part of grading that did not meet standards at a later date and awarded full belt (at no extra cost).
Do we allow spectators❓
No. Our experience of this is that spectators further increase pressure which can result in children not performing to their full ability.


As a martial arts club we have a few rules and codes of behaviour that we follow.  

These rules help maintain a safe learning environment and can help us get the most from our training.  

We ask all members and parents to read and adhere to the points below. 



  • Gi, uniform or training kit must be kept clean and in good condition at all times 

All karate students are required to wear a full white karate suit with belt. 

 Junior kickboxers (15yrs and under) are required to wear club t-shirt and kickboxing trousers or plain black leggings.  

It is preferred that adult Kickboxers wear club uniform. 


  • Never walk on the mats while wearing shoes 

The mats we use are very expensive and much effort is made to keep them clean.  

The bottoms of shoes are not clean and can often have small stones or glass stuck to them. 


  • Nails must be kept short and clean for training 

What we do is contact based and sharp or dirty nails can cause injury or infections. 


  • No jewellery to be worn during training 

Including earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces and sharp rings. 

Again, this is for safety and hygiene reasons. 


  • Always be on time for training 

Aside from the disruption to the session and disrespect shown by being regularly late. 

Missing a warm up can often mean missing valuable points about the direction of the class and  

can also put you at risk of injury. 


  • All students must have an up to date and valid licence 

We are members of three reputable and worthy organisations, 

whether you train in karate, judo or kickboxing  

Your licence/membership fee covers your affiliation as well as “member to member insurance”. 


  • Swearing, aggressive behaviour or bullying will not be tolerated 

We ask all students and parents to treat each other and your instructor with respect and courtesy. 

A positive environment is very important in order for us to get the most out of our training. 


  • All mobile phones must be on silent or switched off 

Phones can be a distraction whether belonging to students or parents.