Toukon Martial Arts

Spell your Name Workout

Morning all, Todays task is a fun little workout tailored just for you! Follow the letters in both your first & second name and complete the exercises and amount assigned to that letter.¬† See how fast you can complete it and let us know how you got on? This task is worth 2 points¬†towards our […]

Exercise Diary

Hi everyone,Please see below a template that you can use to keep a diary for training and activities completed while our Dojo is closed. Feel free to include any other training that you do or even martial arts based activities such as watch a movie or discover a martial artist that inspires you.Likewise, if you […]

Side Kick

Today’s drill looks at developing muscles and stability for the side kick and applies to both Karate & Kickboxing. Please warm up first and try to maintain good form throughout. Any deviation from good alignment between head, hips and foot position can put strain in the lower back. Build up from floor to using wall […]