Toukon Martial Arts

After a short break over the winter we are relaunching our character building life skills programme with team work.
Why team work? We believe that the strength of any group is in the ability of its members to work together. Having the ability to work with other will help your child build amazing relationships in every area of their lives, personal, school and eventually work,
For those new to ToukonMA…
Our life skills programme is a twelve-module character development programme.
A new “Life skill” is released every two months.
The children can ask parents, relatives, teachers, or anyone they interact with to sign or give examples of how they have used this skill.
Certificates are handed out when evidence is submitted.
A final certificate and award is presented when the full programme is complete.
Why do we do this?
It is our belief that character development plays a pivotal role in creating high level martial artists and contributors to society.
We also wish our parents to know that as well as teaching martial arts we take our responsibility in the overall development of your child and the influence that the time they spend with us has on them.
For this programme to be a success we need parental support. Therefore, we are asking that children receive permission to take part prior to use handing out skills record forms.
Well done to everyone who took part in last months Life skill ‘ EFFORT’… anyone wishing for their child to get involved please let us know… it’s FREE!