Toukon Martial Arts

February Kata Workshop!
Saturday 18th
Gradings are coming up in March!
Need to learn a kata for next grading❓
Want to improve a specific kata❓
Wish to take your kata to the next level❓
Do you just love Kata❓
As these session’s are Kata only we will be able study your Kata in much more detail than usual classes allow 🥋
3:30pm Kata Workshop


The aim of this workshop is to perfect the Kata you need for an upcoming grading and also start to learn the Kata above.

Kihon Kata


1 – Heian Shodan

2 – Heian Nidan

3 – Heian Sandan

4 – Heian Yondan

5 – Heian Godan


Tekki Shodan